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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bates County Sheriff's Office: E-911

Press Release

The Bates County Sheriff’s Office has recently received some complaints and questions regarding 911 addressing. 

The main complaint is that citizens have not received a letter from the Sheriff’s Office informing them of their 911 address but they are receiving letters with a 911 address on them and in some cases companies have begun to change addresses.

The Sheriff’s Office has NOT released our 911 address database to anyone other than the United States Postal Service and the mapping company. The process was broke down to release addresses by zip code. Once a zip code was completed and any corrections made then another zip code would be released and the mailings would be sent out informing the property owner of the new address. At the request of the Postal Service, we released to the Postal Service a preliminary database of potential addresses and they have released it to the public as the final database.

There are 4 zip codes left for 911 addressing in Bates County. Two of which, Rich Hill and Amsterdam, we are waiting for the Postal Service to return information so that we can print and mail the letters. We are expecting this to take a week or so more and letters should be sent out. Butler and Amoret are the last to be approved and we are expecting that to occur by the end of March.

If you live in a zip code OTHER THAN Rich Hill, Amsterdam, Butler or Amoret and you have NOT received a letter from the Sheriff’s Office confirming your location and address then please contact us for that information.

If you live in those four zip codes and have started receiving mail with a 911 address, please do not use that address as it has NOT been confirmed as a valid address by the Bates County Sheriff’s Office.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with the process as it has been a long one so far. If you have any questions please contact Brian Bearce or Sheriff Chad Anderson at 660-679-3232