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Friday, July 3, 2015

City of Butler Code on Fireworks

 Section 11-313 Article VI. Fireworks:

Bottle Rockets or other similar fireworks meaning any type of explosive device that launches more that 10 feet into the air or any solid material which is not designed to be completely consumed by combustion, deflagration and or detonation.

Fireworks mean explosive devices designed primarily to produce visible or audible effects by combustion, deflagration or detonation, including but not limiting the following Roman Candles, Skyrockets, Bottle Rockets, Salutes, Firecrackers, Torpedoes, Mines, Fountains, Flower Pots, Bombs, Pin Wheels, Blank Cartridges, Toy Gun other than a cap pistol or any other device or article loaded with combustible or inflammable material.

  • Section 11-132 Lawful Period for sales of fireworks:

It shall be unlawful to sell or transfer possession of any fireworks within the city limits of Butler, Missouri except during the period from June 27th - July 4th inclusive of any year.

  • Section 11-134 Permits required for sale and use of fireworks:

No person(s), group, business, enitity, charity or any other organization whatsoever shall engage in the sale of fireworks with in the City Limits of Butler Missouri unless and until they have obtained a permit to sell fireworks. The permit shall be obtained from the Mayor, at the discretion of the mayor, The fee for a permit is (10.50$) and you must provide the mayor with a affidavit or other good proof that the anticipated sale of fireworks will be conducted.

(B.) No person shall ignite or discharge any fireworks with in the city limits of Butler, Missouri on any day of the year except July 4th without express consent on the mayor.

  • Section 11-136 Use of Fireworks, Prohibited Practices:

It Shall be unlawful to:

(1.) Explode or ignite fireworks with in 100 ft of any church, hospital, asylum, nursing home facility or public school. Also within 100 feet of a Fireworks stand or a place where they are stored. You must stay atleast 50 ft away from with volatile solids, liquid or gases are stored including but not limited too service stations and grain facilities.

(2.) Ignite or discharging any article of fireworks within, or thrown from a motor vehicle and or attempting to throw into a vehicle or near any person or group of people is not allowed!

(3.) Ignite or discharging any article or firework upon any public street within the city

Section 11-137 Sale, Possession of prohibited fireworks:

(A.) No person shall sell/possess/discharge any ground salutes commonly known as " Cherry Bombs" or M-80s, M-100, M-1000 and various other types of tubular salutes which exceeds the limits set for a Class C common fireworks by the Department of Transportation for explosive composition.

(B.) No person sell or offer to sale/ give away or discharge ANY bottle rockets or similar devices in the city limits of Butler , Missouri without approval of the mayor.

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