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Monday, September 14, 2015

Not Forgotten: Adrian hosts 13th annual 9/11 Silent Procession and Tribute

Adrian Fire Chief Gary Dizney 

Flag folding ceremony by the Harrisonville Honor Guard. Each fold
holds a meaning which was carefully explained

Adrian Fire Chief Gary Dizney has been asked- "How long will you continue to do a 9/11 tribute?" His standard answer is "As long a people come and show their support".  And Friday night, they did, despite competition from many other local activities. In fact, a rather large crowd gathered at the Adrian City Park on a breezy evening to pay their respect for the 13th year in a row.

A seemingly endless line of fire trucks, rescue units and other emergency vehicles silently made their way from the west side of Adrian to the city park- not a parade, but a quiet, solemn trek to where the program commenced for a waiting crowd.

While the program was consistent with that of previous years, the message remains the can we properly thank those fire fighters, first responders, EMT's, police and military personnel who so proudly, yet humbly serve and protect us?

The answer seems to come in personal pride, to not only to serve fellow man, but our country as well. Ask a firefighter or EMT why they do what they do, and you'll likely get met with modest response, if any at all. It's certainly not for the pay- but being able to save lives and help where needed when the call comes. 
Faith Hutchens sings America the Beautiful

On September 11th, 2001, firefighters, police and first responders were called to a task unlike anything they had ever seen before. At the World Trade Center, many made their way up dozens of flights of stairs as a raging fire loomed many stories above them- despite the unknown, they forged on, with little thought devoted to their safety, after all, they were doing the jobs they knew and loved, despite the risks.  

And they gave their lives, along with many others on the airplanes, in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon, in the name of helping others

The local tribute Friday night not only paid homage to firefighters, but other who serve, including all branches of the United States military services through speech and song. 

A prayer marked the end of the program, which was followed by Chief Dizney suggesting that guests take a few moments to chat with and get to know their local police, firefighters and first responders on a personal level.

Mark your calendar for next years 9/11 Silent Procession and ceremonial tribute to be held Sunday, September 11, 2016.

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