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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Age before beauty? Never!

Greg Mullinax proudly answers questions about his 1893
Wm. Knabe concert grand piano
Whether it's ragtime or Mozart, the sound radiating from this 100+ year old piano simply cannot be duplicated by a newer model. Not to mention, the appearance and styling are unrivaled as well. Truly a one of a kind found right here in Bates County.

Just yesterday, Peggy Buhr and others from the Bates County Museum paid a visit to Mullinax Funeral home to see and hear the 1893 Wm. Knabe & Co grand piano on display. 

The stately concert piano was discovered recently in Bates County- the previous owner wished it to be restored to its former glory. Greg Mullinax has done just that, making it a permanent fixture at the funeral home. And yes, it is 100% functional and can be used as part of services held in the chapel.

In fact, during the visit yesterday, Mullinax treated those present with "Hallelujah" and Pachelbel's Canon in D on the solid Mahogany keepsake. 

In talking to Greg Mullinax today, he said the public is invited to stop by (time permitting of course) for a 'mini concert'... and if you're able, feel free to tickle the ivories yourself.

A 'rear view' of the detail and craftsmanship of the past

At 123 years of age, the piano is in all original condition, thanks to
proper care over the years 


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