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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's a small world after all...

Miami school alumni Kristi (Curnutte) Smalley recently visited the Museum of Natural History in Washington DC when she noticed a reference to something close to home- a meteorite on display found in Archie, MO.

Sure enough, in 1932 a shower of meteorites fell in the Archie area including the specimen shown here that hit the ground at a roof piercing speed of around 20 miles per second.

Further investigation reveals that Archie wasn't the only area to receive these deep space gifts- some 50 or so fragments weighing a total of about 100 lbs were found near Harrisonville. That particular group was thought to have hit the earth in 1917 and a local newspaper reported 'violent explosions in the sky' around that time, confirming a meteor shower.

This means of course, there are meteorites in Bates County too. If you find one, they have some value- but just being able to touch something that came from a zillion miles away would be very special...

Learn more about meteorites here:

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