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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

$18,060 in drug money located in St. Clair County woods

Money recovered in St. Clair County
On Friday, July 15 several St. Clair County deputies along with members of the Mid Missouri Multi Jurisdiction Drug Task Force located $18,060 in cash SE of Rainey. 

The money was found wrapped up in a towel in the woods west of the Leland Daggett residence. The money is believed to be associated with drugs.

Information regarding the money was obtained after a search for Kenneth Lake; a fugitive with a Federal warrant, was conducted. On June 9, Lake was spotted on Daggett’s property and fled in a pickup truck to the wooded area west of Daggett’s. Lake then fled on foot carrying the money. He was not apprehended, but was believed to have hidden the money in the woods while fleeing.

Sheriff Keeler explained the money will be turned over in a Federal drug investigation along with another $11,700 that was seized during the investigation at Daggett’s house in June. Formal charges related to the incident are pending.

The investigations are ongoing. Sheriff Keeler urges those with any related information should contact the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line, 417-646-5832, or email to

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