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Monday, September 5, 2016

Always help when you can

Jeremy Whitham and his ball collection
The letter below was wrote to Celebrity talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in attempts to help.

Mid America Live News figured we would share this as well in a attempt to help Jeremy find the 7 basketballs he needs for his collection.

"Dear Ellen, passing this on to you. In our small town of Clinton, MO, lives a pleasant young man (who just happens to be autistic) named Jeremy Whitham. He is an a amazing joy to know. Now that he's an adult he is working at a local grocery store Country Mart as a sacker. He is always smiling and helping others. Now he needs a little help. Jeremy is and always has been a basketball fanatic. Not the game, the ball itself. He has collected them as long as I can remember. He is very proud of his collection and loves to talk about them. Here is his request, maybe you can help! His collection is over 1,000 balls.

He visited the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA and discovered that he has every ball they have EXCEPT 7.
Here are the balls he is hunting for:

1. 1960s version Voit AMF cb2, the amf will have a circle around it with a triangle over the circle
2. 1940s Wilson, leather, 2 valve stems
3. 1960s spalding, afl, leather
4. 1960s red white blue, rawlings, rss, aba
5. 1910, lace basketball, instead of seams underneath, the seams will be above (they were called outside "outdoors" basketballs)
6. 1940s spalding basketball, leather, top flight, two stems
7. 1930s laces, made it two ways, rawlings, won't be signed, but printed James Naismith (inventor of basketball).

If you or someone you know have an old basketball laying around, check it out. Maybe you have one that could make this incredible young man's day! 

Thank you for your help. Feel free to pass this along. Maybe with the help of social media, we can help Jeremy finish his collection. Facebook @ /Jeremy.whitham.7"