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Monday, September 26, 2016

Compassion: Alive and well in Bates County

This is something which sadly would be reported in a negative light in far too many places in this country, right now. But I share this with a sense of pride and honor. The situation; a football player from Rich Hill MO. injured his back in the 4th quarter. I was called upon to tend to him. The EMS at the game came out to assist, which was greatly appreciated. As we were prepping the young man to be placed on a spine board, the Rich Hill coaches asked the referees and medical personnel if they could have his teammates circle him for a prayer. How do you even consider refusing. We continued to do our work, and as the Rich Hill team circled and started the prayer, the entire Drexel team and their coaches yelled for them to " wait a sec" and they joined the circle. I, as a member of the Drexel/Miami coaching staff, was touched deeply by that simple gesture of Faith and sportsmanship! 

When all the negatives are constantly being pushed to the forefront and the positives are swept aside, this act was a perfect example of what is right with small town, high school football, and people in general. I was proud to be associated and connected with all involved.

And I happy to report the injury proved to be minor in nature, and the young man will recover in short order.

Coach Brian Wood, Miami R-1 Schools

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