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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A letter to the editors

I am a resident of Nevada, MO in Vernon County with deep roots to the area. From my mother's side of our family, my great great grandfather John Henry Phipps was one of the original founding settlers of Sheldon, MO and I have family scattered throughout Vernon and Barton Counties.

Tim Wells is also a resident of Nevada, MO and whose own deep family roots can stake a claim to Johnstown, MO on the Bates/Henry county line.

A Licensed Professional Counselor who has practiced in Missouri for 20 years, Tim Wells is currently running as an Independent Candidate against incumbent Ed Emery for the 31st District in the Missouri State Senate, a District that encompasses Vernon, Henry, Cass, Bates, and Barton Counties.

If you care about public education being fully-funded, then please consider voting for Tim Wells on November 8th. He is proud of our public schools and unlike his opponent, believes they are doing a wonderful job preparing students for the future.

I don't have children of my own but I know that our 31st District's public schools deserve a supporter in Jefferson City who will work on behalf of the parents, teachers, staff and administrators located throughout the area and not a representative who seeks to undermine their best efforts and hard work.

In Missouri, billionaire Rex Sinquefield of the greater St. Louis, MO area is a major financial contributor to Senator Ed Emery and they both share a common goal: DIVERT TAX DOLLARS AWAY FROM OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

A national organization composed of individuals and corporations called The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is also financially supporting Senator Emery and shares the same goal of defunding public education in our great state as Senator Emery and Sinquefield.

As the point man in Missouri for ALEC and its legislative politicking agenda, is it no wonder that Senator Emery has almost $600,000 in his campaign fund? That is a whole lot of cash to run for re-election as Senator for the 31st District.

But I wonder, how much of these campaign funds are being used to push an agenda that excludes the input of his 31st District's constituents that include average ordinary people just like you and me? Is that not a form of taxation without representation? Is this not entirely unfair? I believe it is.

As an Independent Candidate for the 31st District and with his professional background, Tim Wells possesses a willingness to communicate and compromise that crosses traditional party lines that will benefit ALL. He understands that good ideas come from both sides of the aisle but when there isn't a willingness to be inclusive and represent those who actually elect you to office, not only will the citizens of our 31st District suffer but all Missourians will suffer.

Tim Wells has pledged to listen to his constituents and take their concerns to Jefferson City. He has pledged not to represent outside interests who wish to have a say in how we given ourselves right here in Missouri.

Ironically, Tim Wells' own mother was a public school teacher for 43 years and completed her career at Ballard Schools. She actually taught there on the last day of her life. It's no wonder that her dedication to her profession and her students made an meaningful impact on Tim Wells' life that resonates to this day.

As residents of The Show Me State, we've already seen how little respect and appreciation Senator Emery has for our state's retired teachers, much less those who are currently teaching our youth. When one takes into account that he intends to divert our tax dollars away from public schools, the citizens of the 31st District have a chance to say to Senator Emery that they've seen enough.

I urge all of you who believe in, and support, public education in their local communities to join me on November 8th and vote for Independent Candidate Tim Wells for the 31st Senatorial District in Missouri. Your children deserve no less.

Missy Earll
Nevada MO

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