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Monday, November 21, 2016

Several police agencies join forces on Joint drug take down Operations

On 11/21/16, at approximately 0700hrs, CNET Drug Task Force Agents along with Law Enforcement Agents from Bates County, Vernon County, Cass County and Nevada Police Department began executing multiple simultaneous search warrants in five separate locations in Vernon and Bates Counties. 

A total of 32 Law Enforcement Officers worked together to seize a combined total of nearly one pound of methamphetamine during this early morning operation.

During the operation, a search warrant was executed in Rockville where multiple bags of Methamphetamine, Marijuana and a shotgun were recovered. As investigators had finished processing the scene the resident of the house was observed driving down the road. Deputies made a traffic stop on the female subject and took her into custody. Prior to transporting her to the jail the female advised that she had a large amount of Methamphetamine in her bra. Deputies recovered approximately a quarter pound of crystal substance that tested positive for Methamphetamine.

A total of six people have been taken into custody, and although the investigation is continuing, some of the charges are expected to be filed as early as Tuesday morning.

Both Sheriff Anderson and Sheriff Mosher are grateful for all the hard work of the men and women of all these agencies. Sheriff Mosher said, “This kind of operation shows how important it is for agencies to work together to combat the drug problems that have riddled our communities”. 

Sheriff Anderson echoed Sheriff Mosher, “Our drug problems don’t stop at an imaginary line. Burglaries, thefts and violent crimes are connected to the use of Methamphetamine's and we need to stand at the front of the line together with our community and neighboring agencies and combat this epidemic”.

If you have any information regarding drugs in our community please contact a Detective at the Bates County Sheriff’s Office at 660-679-3232.

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