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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Statement from new Bates County Coroner Greg Mullinax

Greg D. Mullinax
Good morning, everyone. 

To say that I am humbled by the outcome of this election is an understatement. I want you to know that I consider my next role as your Bates County Coroner to be the most important job of my life. Last night it became, and will be until my last day in office, MY NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.  PERIOD.  You chose to put me in this office and you will not be disappointed.

I've already begun working as hard as I can for you.  One of my first priorities will be to cooperate with the Bates County Office of Emergency Management to participate in and develop trainings and exercises for casualty situations.  In the coming weeks, I look forward to meeting with all law enforcement, first responders and emergency personnel throughout Bates County to coordinate our efforts to make certain you receive the very best of our combined abilities.  Cooperation makes us all stronger and serves you WELL.

Perhaps more than anyone, I am well aware of the high level of service we have ALL received from our current coroner, Mr. Gary Schowengerdt.  I'm committed to cooperating with him to ensure a smooth transition and a continued strong working relationship.  

Over the last several months, I've enjoyed being busy at all sorts of events and activities important to you and your families and friends. Many people speculate, as I often do, that with the close of a political year those activities cease and you might think my support for you would decline.  Please know that I take your decision to elect me SERIOUSLY, and I wouldn't think of doing any less for you.  You WILL see me just as you always have, and can count on me as you have always done.  You'll see!

I am and will forever remain grateful for your trust and confidence.  I shall never take it lightly.

Very truly,

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