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Monday, July 3, 2017

From the Harrisonville Police Department

Is everyone excited for the fireworks tomorrow? We know we are!

A couple reminders about the show tomorrow. Parts of Ash will be closed in order to facilitate everyone leaving the park after the fireworks conclude (approximately 1015-1030). If you leave on Bluegill you will only be able to make a right onto Ash. 

If you leave from Sunny Swim you will be able to make a left on Ash or continue straight onto Bradley. The exact time Ash will be closed has not been set yet but will probably be when the parking fills up in that area. 

If you park in-between Bradley and Bluegill we will be letting cars go in groups to make it as smooth as possible. Please plan your route accordingly.

Also, please remember the only fireworks allowed in the park are the ones from the official display. All other fireworks are prohibited and might be confiscated if they are found in use. Please leave them at home so you can light them off there.

Thanks and enjoy the show!

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