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Monday, July 3, 2017

New Ambulance will Promote Comfort & Safety for Patients and EMS Personnel

There’s a new medic in town.

Harrisonville Emergency Services Medic 1, the newest ambulance in the EMS fleet, rolled into town June 28, carrying the latest in technology to make patient transport a gentler and safer experience for all involved.

Technically speaking, Medic 1 is a 2017 Ford F450 Super Duty 4X4 Wheeled Coach. It has a diesel engine and a “Liquid Springs” hydraulic suspension to cushion the ride. Inside the cabin, a Stryker Power Pro patient bed, a top of the line cot and rail system, promotes the comfort and safety of patients being transported while also reducing the risk of injury to ambulance personnel.

Harrisonville EMS took bids on the new ambulance earlier this year and determined Feld Fire to be the lowest and best bidder with a price of $207,999. Feld Fire is based in Carroll, Iowa with offices and a service center in Grain Valley. The proximity of the service center was an added plus in making the determination to go with Feld Fire.

The vehicle was assembled in the Feld Fire factory in Winter Park, Florida where the specialized rail which aids in loading the cot was also installed. Using an innovative battery-powered hydraulic system, it can raise and lower the cot at the touch of a button and smoothly load it into the cabin, locking it securely in place for the transport. This is a more comfortable lift and load process for the patient and reduces the risk of injury to the emergency medical personnel.

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