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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Super Teen Results from the Bates County Fair

The Superteen Event was held last night at the Bates County Fair it consisted of 9 teams made up of 2 girls and 2 boys, one member had to be exhibitor at the Bates County Fair. 

They each had an individual event, with obstacle course at the end that included the whole team. Each obstacle course was time a event to reach for placing. 

This was possible from our Sponsors, Vit-A-Zine for the T-shirts and FCS Financial Tara Vermillion; Lender and Harrisonville FCS Financial Office.Thank you all so much!

1st Place : Wolf Pack

Hunter Nissen; Wyatt Barnes; MaKayla Charles; Kynly McCoy
2nd Place : The Dream Team

Tevin Taylor; Kenton Taylor; Whitney Willerton; Kaylie Chancellor
3rd Place: Super Lame
Tayton Dains; Sawyer Fischer; Riley Mareth; MaKenzie Wheatley

List of all participants doesn't follow picture order!!
Mason Talley
Aaron Yoss
Kendal Wimsatt
Kenzie Essenpries
Tayton Dains
Sawyer Fischer
MaKenzie Wheatley
Riley Mareth 
Drew Smith
Baleigh Noble
Shiann Mart 
Max Unell
Avery Bruto 
Braylen Ford
Myles Merryfield 
Clayton Ferguson 
Hunter Nissan
Wyatt Barnes
MaKayla Charles 
Kynly McCoy 
Trenton Bagby
Drake Vermillion 
Ashlee Burris
Kerigan Wimsatt 
Tevin Taylor 
Kenton Taylor 
Whitney Willerton 
Kaylie Chancellor
Kyleigh Foster
Cassie Smith
Blake McGruder
Lincoln Sutton 
Riley Valis 
Hunter Steen
Hayden Stark
Tearsten Keister