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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cass County Sheriff Offers Full-Time Academy

CASS CO – “It’s your county, Keep it safe.”  It’s an opportunity that Cass County Sheriff Jeff Weber is offering to anyone that has an interest in becoming a deputy sheriff. Sheriff Jeff Weber announced today that in an effort to fill current openings and prepare for future needs he will be offering a paid, full-time academy beginning January 2018.
“I am looking for anyone that has the desire to make a difference in our community and pursue an exciting and challenging career here in Cass County,” said Sheriff Jeff Weber.
Today the Cass County Sheriff’s Office will begin taking applications for the position of Full-Time Academy Recruit.  Successful applicants will become fulltime members of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and attend the January 2018 Cass County Sheriff’s Office Regional Training Academy.
“Many police departments and sheriff offices are having a hard time identifying and hiring qualified candidates.  Sheriff Weber has decided to create our own pool of qualified candidates by hiring and paying for their academy training, “said Captain Kevin Tieman.
One of the biggest hurdles in law enforcement is that many times recruits have to pay their own way through an academy and work a full time job.  That limits the prospective candidate pool.  This new program will require that applicants fill out a prescreen questionnaire and recruiters will then contact applicants and provide them with continued information on the hiring process.
In addition to attending the academy, recruits will earn a starting salary of $29,359.  Upon successful completion of the academy and P.O.S.T. certification recruits will be commissioned as a deputy sheriff at a starting salary of $40,627. Information about applying can be found at

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