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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bang without a lot of bucks...

It's easy to throw something you want to advertise on a Facebook page or Craigslist. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. The secret is to put what you have for sale or what you're looking for in front of a LOT of people, not just a select group.

You can also run a print ad and hope it doesn't end up lining a parakeet cage....

OR you can put it on line where around 250,000 pairs of eyes will see it each month! Right here! Your Zoomtrain classified ad will get thrown all over the internet, right where people will see it.

Zoomtrain classifieds appear in two places on the Mid America Live home page, on the Zoomtrain Facebook page, are delivered by RSS feeds and email.

THAT's how you get the word out!

Place your ad today (for about 1/3 the cost of a print ad) by clicking here using your credit card.

WARNING! You may get swamped with calls. Place ad at your own risk!