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A new face at the Y Factor!


Flashback: Earth moving royalty

 It would be rare to see these ‘ladies’ side by side- the  Princess (left) and Midway Queen (right) during the coal mining heyday of the 1970’s near Amsterdam. This particular photo shows gravel covering the railroad tracks as it appears the Queen is transitioning across. 

The P&M Coal Company provided many jobs for local folks- one of which required climbing to the tippy top of the boom under the best and worst of weather conditions to perform maintenance and oiling.  Photo courtesy Jan Curnutte

Republicans provide clarification regarding vetting process


The following was taken verbatim from the Bates County Mo Republican Facebook page

To clarify Bates County Republican Committee’s position on vetting during this election:

As a Republican candidate running for office in Bates County vetting is voluntary and optional, it’s totally up to the candidate.  But, the Bates County Republican Committee is requiring any candidate that would like our support and endorsement in the upcoming election to be vetted.  Most of the committee members have been vetted themselves and all passed.  It’s not a big deal, just a few survey questions that you answer.  If you don’t want to be vetted, or on the very slim chance that you don’t pass, that’s ok.  You can certainly continue to run your campaign.  Just know that the Bates County Republican Committee will be supporting and endorsing the candidates that are vetted and align with their beliefs and political views.

What all this means for a candidate that chooses not be vetted is that you will still be welcomed at our public events but not permitted to address the crowd, instead you may have to listen to your vetted opponent.  The advertising and donations made by the Bates County Republican Committee will be allocated to the candidates who voluntarily completed the process.

Why are we doing this?

Over the years the committee has been overwhelmed with individuals that file on the Republican ticket unannounced and then automatically expect the support of our committee which they have never met.

We are a small county and a small committee with limited funds and resources.  We want to make sure that the candidates that we support and help hold true to Republican views and will work for the people of Bates County.

In conclusion, we encourage anyone wanting to run as a Republican on the upcoming ballot to talk with the Republican Committee and go through the vetting process.  We promise we are not judging and it’s a very simple process.  We are just insuring that we are putting good Republican candidates forward for the citizens of Bates County to vote on.

The Museum Minute: Record breaking wagon ride


Courtesy of the Bates County Museum 802 Elks Drive, Butler Mo 64730 (660) 679-0134

Herrman’s Historical Happenings week of February 28

1879 Bob, driver for the Appleton City Stagecoach makes the Appleton City to Butler run in 3 hours, a record time.

1916 Dale Jones, Bates Co’s automobile kleptomaniac is sentenced to 2 years in the Missouri state slammer.

1919 The Rich Hill city council approves a salary of $12.50 a month for the city Marshal.

1922 A young man on the bridge crew is held up in Butler. They men who did it didn’t know that payday wasn’t until tomorrow.

1951 The Bates County Balanced Farming award winners are Mr & Mrs John Crawford of Amoret; Mr & Mrs Odel Welliver of Adrian; and Mr & Mrs Leland Sturgeon of Butler.

1960 The population of Bates Co is 15,905. In 1950 it was 17,534 and 1940 it was 19,531. (16,105 in 2021).

1990 Construction is underway at the new Schowengerdt Funeral Chapel, business 71 north, Butler. Owners Gary and Trev Schowengerdt.

1991 James Dodson, who dove into the 3 foot section of the Butler swimming pool in June of 1987, does not get the $100,000 he sued for. The jury found the city was not at fault.

What's Up by LeRoy Cook


Gone, But Not Forgotten

Freakishly more like March instead of February, the flying weather cooperated well for most of the last week. Some 40-mph winds Friday scrubbed several flights, but otherwise we were blessed. Among the week’s visitors were a Mooney M20C, a Piper Archer or two, a UMC Skyhawk and Jay McClintock’s Piper Tomahawk from Harrisonville. Todd Proach of Harrisonville flew in Saturday on an Angel Flight compassion trip in his Beech Bonanza A36.

The unadvertised Fliars Club fly-out on Saturday morning netted only one participant, Jerimie Platt in his Grumman Tiger. Also out were Eric Eastland in his Cessna Skyhawk, warming up the oil for changing, Jon Laughlin in his Piper Cherokee 180C and Gerald Bauer in a Cessna 150. New pilot Bob Plunket took a Cessna 150 out for lunch with a passenger at Lincoln on Saturday.

Big changes have taken place since late-2021 on the Kansas City sectional aeronautical chart. Several VOR stations have been removed, deleting a whole network of Victor airways that has been around for decades. The FAA had been threatening to eliminate these comforting, but expensive to keep up, ground-based navaids, and over the last couple of years it’s made good on its warning. The Oswego VOR halfway to Tulsa is no more, as well as the Maples VORTAC near Fort Leonard Wood, the Neosho VOR south of Joplin and the Macon VOR south of Kirksville. The latter two locations retained their DME functions, no doubt part of instrument approach procedures. The pared-down list of Minimum Operational Network stations, like Butler and Springfield, remains in place as a hedge against Red China shooting down our GPS satellites.

An embarrassing environmental survey taken at Superior, Colorado last year has backfired on its promoters, who were certain the lead additive in aviation gasoline at their airport was poisoning them. As we’ve always said, the minuscule amount of lead used in flying is a non-problem, and the testing at Superior found “undetectable” levels in all but one of the sites, and that was an older home with some lead in its plumbing. So, the earth-savers will have to find another way to close the town’s airport.

Reader Stephanie Hotsenpiller-Poe correctly answered last week’s historical question, about which Wright Brother was older and which one died first. In both cases, she said, it was Wilbur, who died too young of typhoid in 1912. Our brain-teaser for next week is: What is the meaning of EASA certification, advertised for some foreign airplanes being imported into the U.S.? You can send your answers to

New Casey’s store coming to Butler


One of the first items on the ‘to do’ list for the Butler city council on Tuesday was for Mayor Henry to appoint Malachi Hoover as the new city clerk. He previously served as deputy clerk and administrative assistant.

Guest Ron Jones, owner of Jones Lumber asked what is going to be done to improve the poor condition of the paved section of Rice road that runs alongside his business, stating that it makes navigating vehicles quite difficult due to wavy pavement and potholes.

City Administrator Corey Snead said the is quite aware of the issue and discussions are ongoing with Mount Pleasant township; the primary problem is related to a lack of funds for the township to pay for their share of repaving. That particular stretch would require that the city and township split the costs, and according to the township, gravel would be the most cost effective option. Jones noted that he would prefer it NOT be graveled due to dust issues for those who live nearby.

Snead explained that a good roadbed would help- putting down rock, letting it settle for some time (maybe a year or so) to pack it better before repaving. He went on to say that what ever the fix, it will require an agreement to fully split costs with the township which at this point is the issue. Mayor Henry intervened and said the council would keep the public informed as discussions with the township continue.

Councilman Mallatt reported that the planning commission met in their regular session and discussed an ‘entertainment district’ which would include the Butler square and areas up to just a block off the square. Also discussed was how to properly handle tiny homes in terms of rules and zoning. More about those subjects will be revealed in upcoming sessions.

Also discussed was rezoning of property recently annexed between the Super 8 hotel and I-49 was required as it needed to be upgraded from agriculture (A1) to commercial (C3)status for a new Casey’s store at that location. No completion date has been announced for the new store, it is guessed there will be a lot of loose ends to tie up regarding utilities and other things first. Following a vote, the council agreed to change zoning to C3 status for the property.

SkyDive KC is making a return to the Butler airport as it has new owners ready to take to the skies. Owner Chris Hall announced the sale recently as well as his decision to no longer be airport manager- anyone interested in the position should contact city hall.

Getting fiber internet throughout Butler is slowly making progress and an agreement regarding use of poles was signed with Brightspeed. There are several more steps to this process as a full pole audit will be done to determine exactly which ones belong to the city before any work could begin. Brightspeed has some potential competition, including Socket, and it may still be some time before we actually lure a committed fiber provider to the city of Butler.

Remember, the Butler city council meets on the first and third Tuesdays, 7 pm, upstairs at city hall.

Bates County election filing update

It has been in the County Clerk’s Office. Candidate filing opened at 8:00 a.m. for the August 6th Primary Election. It is going to be an exciting election year in Bates County. We have had 21 candidates file for elected positions so far today. Candidates drew a poker chip to determine the order in which their name will appear on the official ballot. Any candidate who files after February 27th will go on the ballot in the order they file succeeding those candidates who filed February 27th. Filing closes at 5:00 p.m. on March 26th . The following is a list of candidates, their party affiliation and the number they drew, who have filed as of 3:00 p.m. -Bates County Clerk Jami Page

Northern Commissioner
John Gray / Republican / #4
Ken Mooney Republican #43

Southern Commissioner
Trent Nelson / Republican / #11

Chad Anderson / Republican / #16

Kacie Robey / Democrat / #40

Jerret Jay Reno / Republican / #14

Public Administrator
Brenda G. Doody / Republican / #39

Deer Creek Committeeman
Tyler Bohannon / Republican / #5

East Boone Committeeman
Justin G. Corbin / Republican / #28

East Boone Committeewoman
Amy Fishbaugh / Republican / #24

Mound Committeeman
James Catron / Republican / #27
Chad Anderson / Republican / #38

Mound Committeewoman
Donna Catron / Republican / #10

Elkhart Committeeman

Tyler Covington / Republican / #45

Spruce Committeeman
Mark Goebel / Republican / #49

Mt. Pleasant Committeeman

Gary Ratliff / Republican / #20
Jesse Murray / Republican / #23

Mt. Pleasant Committeewoman
Jami Page / Republican / #6
Lynne Olson-Salomon / Republican / #46

Osage Committeeman
Timothy C. Thorp / Republican / #22

Walnut Committeeman

Blaine Baldwin / Republican / #19

If only one candidate files for Committeeman/Woman in a township there will not be an election held for that township. At the time of this press release we have not had any candidate filings for Assessor, Surveyor, Mingo Committeeman/Woman, Grand River Committeeman/Woman, Deer Creek Committeewoman, West Boone Committeeman/Woman, Spruce Committeewoman, Shawnee Committeeman/Woman, Elkhart Committeewoman, West Point Committeeman/Woman, Homer Committeeman/Woman, Charlotte Committeeman/Woman, Summit Committeeman/Woman, 
Deepwater Committeeman/Woman, Walnut Committeewoman, New Home Committeeman/Woman, Lone Oak Committeeman/Woman, Pleasant Gap Committeeman/Woman, Hudson Committeeman/Woman, Rockville Committeeman/Woman, 
Prairie Committeeman/Woman, Osage Committeewoman and Howard Committeeman/Woman.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Thank you seniors!

The Butler High School basketball season came to end tonight as Butler lost in the sectional round of the playoffs to Summit Christian Academy. Butler finishes the year with a record of 21-7 and district champions. 

We would like to thank seniors Dylan Davidson and Carter Trumbore for their 4 year commitment to the basketball program! Best wishes to both of you in the future. #BHS

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