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Chicken ‘n Trivia...

SMQA training coming in March

Do you need to have your SMQA training?  It is scheduled for Thursday, March 12 at 6:30 pm at the Community First Bank basement in Butler.

Show Me Quality Assurance Objective: To increase the knowledge and awareness of Missouri youth about food quality issues related to animal production.

Who should take SMQA: All 4-H members enrolled in food animal projects (including beef, sheep, swine, dairy cattle, meat and dairy goats, rabbits, and poultry) must complete the appropriate level of Missouri Show Me Quality Assurance (MSMQA) certification to be considered 4-H member in good standing in that project. Additionally, members must complete their MSMQA program by June 1 to participate in the Missouri State Fair. 

4-Hers, ages 8-13, must complete the SMQA training 2 times. Then between the ages of 14-18, they must complete the training again. (That is 3 times total!)

If you are planning to do the SMQA training, please contact the Bates County University Extension office at 660.679.4167 or email Robyn Eckhoff, 4-H Youth Program Associate at by March 6 to register.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Bates County Museum newsletter

802 Elks Drive / PO Box 164
Butler, MO 64730
660-679-0134 April-October Tue-Fri 9:30am-4pm / Sat 9:30am-12noon Admission is $5 adults / $2 students
Bates County Museum News / January 2020
Preserving Our History, Sustaining Our Heritage

 Fallow Fields: A Review of 2019 and Preparations for 2020

The past year was nothing like I envisioned it to be when I wrote the last newsletter. The year 2019 proved to be a season of ’fallow fields’ and, although unplanned, it was a much needed break. For twelve years, I have devoted myself to the Museum, working to make this remarkable place even better. Forward, always moving forward, and together, we have accomplished extraordinary things. The list of things we have done here is really impressive.
This Museum is special. You have all heard me say that over and over because it’s true. We have an institution that is privately funded, receiving no public tax dollars. This is unusual, as most of the county historical societies and museums in our region receive public funds and use those funds for, at least a good portion of, their operating expenses.

Many of you know that businessman, Ed Robertson, left his estate to the Society & Museum in 2000. Over the years, I’ve heard people refer to Ed’s estate as being worth a million dollars. His estate was very generous, but it definitely did not have that many zeroes! The estates of Helen Hallam and Charles Huff left substantial amounts to the Society. These funds, and those received from other donors, were, and are, invested in the Society’s endowment fund and provide a healthy portion of operating expenses. Other streams of revenue are Memberships, Donations, Gift & Book Sales, Admissions, Event Income, Hall Rental, Memorial Donations, and Grants.

Making decisions that protect the well-being and longevity of this Society and Museum is the main mission of the Board of Directors and, as they have all done in the past, this Board recently undertook the difficult task of examining expenditures and approving budget cut recommendations. Fiduciary responsibilities are serious and never to be taken lightly. The Society’s Board of Directors first began examining the financial health of the organization last April and, after months of consid- ering the best course of action, determined that expenditures had to be substantially reduced. During the December Board meeting they approved the motion to eliminate the part-time position of Family Researcher. As more and more genealogical resources become available online, the need for that position was no longer sustainable. ~ Of course, this means that Chris Wimsatt is no longer on staff at the Museum. Chris made many contributions to the Museum, not only in his meticulous research, but his exhibit design talent proved excellent. Whatever employment path he chooses to pursue, we wish him well and appreciate his years of service to the Museum.

Change is inevitable. What we do with ‘change’ is not and it is up to me, the Board, our support- ers, and all other interested parties, to make certain we make the most of the opportunity before us. The well-being of the Bates County Historical Society & Museum must be a priority. The time is now. If ever there was a year for clarity and clear vision, 2020 is obviously it!. Here we go...

Strong Membership ~ Strong Society
Renew & Recruit
January marks the Society Membership Renewal Month and we want you to make it a priority to re- new your membership! In an effort to increase our numbers we also ask that you help to recruit new members. We want a strong society and member- ship numbers matter. Cost is minimal and within the comfort range of most everyone. The impact is great and it generates momentum that then multi- plies. Annual rates are: Single-$12 / Couple-$18 / Family-$24. Renewal forms are attached to this e- newsletter or included in mailed copies.

Not only is the best deal around, you also get perks. You will be invited to the ’Sneak Peek’ of our “This & That’ sale the end of April and to a special event at year’s end yet to be determined... but I promise it will be a dandy that you won’t want to miss out on! So, Renew your Membership and encourage others to join us. Thank you!

 Book of Certificates Recognizing Memorial Gifts on Public Display Doris Fuller is a member of the Society Board and has been an active volunteer for many years. She spends a great deal of time, money, energy, and talent working to make the Museum so very fine. Recently, Doris made a memorial donation in memory of her late sister-in-law and commented that it would be especially nice to have a Memorial Donor Certificate, stating not only the donor’s name but also the name of the person being remembered. This book would be on display and the public could view it at their leisure. Families would be remem- bered, and it would perhaps make the gift all the more meaningful. I agreed totally and set about working to design a certificate. The work now done, I am pleased to report the Memorial Certifi- cates Book is now on display and Doris’ donation in memory of Verna Fuller Kooker is the very first certificate in the book. /// If you have thoughts or an idea about how we can better serve and acknowledge our friends and supporters, please let me know!

We need donations for our annual This & That Sale–Fundraiser. Call Museum and drop off. No Clothing. No Exercise Equipment. Thanks!
~2020 Show &Tell Gathering~
The Annual Society Meeting
Donation Soup/Chili Luncheon
Saturday, March 7, 2020, 10:30 am
This new year in the life of the Museum will begin as always. We will hold the Society’s annual meeting giving a report on the state of affairs, conduct the election of Board Directors, and then proceed to the always enjoyable Show & Tell part of the day. Bring you favorite item, a cherished heirloom, a curiosity, a homemade whatchamacallit...bring whatever you like to show and tell everyone about it! This is one of our most popular Museum programs so please invite friends to come along.

When the showing and telling is done, we’ll serve a delicious Donation Luncheon of Soup and Chili, all the fixin’s, and desserts. Stay for food and visiting. You’ll be glad you did! Note: Should Mother Nature ruin our plans, the event will be held the following Sat., March 14th.

**This & That Sale-Fundraiser** DONATIONS NEEDED
Sponsored by Friends of the Museum
Members Only Sneak Peek—Wed. 4/22 4-6pm SALE DATES
Thu, April 23rd, 9 am—4 pm Fri, April 24th, 9 am—4 pm Sat, April 25th, 9 am—12 noon
Time to clean out the basement, garage, attic, cabinets, and storage sheds. Help support this sale to make this another profitable venture for the Museum. Call Museum before coming by to drop off donations. Thank you!
NOTE: No Clothing. No Exercise Equipment.

Museum and the Media
The Museum was proud to sponsor a broad-
cast of the vintage radio program ‘A Christmas Carol’ on KMOE FM 92 radio. The broadcast was very well received and we were pleased. The Museum will be partnering with KMOE on other special broadcasts in the coming year. Stay tuned! /// Look for us on Facebook, in the X-Changer, and check out the articles in the News X-press/

African-American History in Bates County
On Saturday, December 14th, the doors of a small church in Butler closed for good. I had the privilege of attending the final worship service at Brooks Chapel AME church on Pine St. in Butler. 149 years. That is how long this little house of worship has been a mainstay in the community. Mr. Walter Wright, and his daughter Doncella Liggins, were there and it was through them that I learned about the church closing. Walter said he’d attended Brooks Chapel for 80 years... a life- time, and during that time, the cycles of life moved on just as they always do; birth, life, death, and birth, life, death...

The building was filled with celebration and music, scripture, and fine preaching. The minister cited the legacy and reminded all that the ‘church’ was not the building but was all those folks who love the Lord and go forth each day to shine in a dark world. Inspired music and was truly a memorable farewell.

After the service I was able to share some news with Doncella and I am pleased to announce here that the Museum has been awarded a grant of $2500 from this Missouri Humanities Council for a project that will document African-American history here in our county. “From Statehood to Desegregation: The African American Experi- ence in Bates County, 1821—1955.” Research has revealed a surprising and compelling story that we are very excited to share!

 Donor Names to be Acknowledged
In our ongoing effort to bring recognition to the individuals and families who have donated and supported this Museum, we are endeavoring to display as many of the Donors as is reasonable. This is a new policy and we are excited about ini- tiating it. Contributions of artifacts and donations are essential to the well being of this organization and acknowledging those who support the Muse- um is the right thing to do; a small change that makes a big difference. In January we have re- ceived a 1920s Maytag Washer, a panoramic pho- to of the 1923 Bates County Picnic in Swope Park, and a family’s personal copy of the History of Mulberry 1843-1985, compiled and written by Fern Glassmire. All are treasures!
2020 Program Presentations
Mar 7, Sat~ 10:30am
Show & Tell Gathering and Annual Meeting
Apr 18, Sat~ 10:30am
Author Diane Rogers on Battle of Lone Jack.
Apr 22, Wed~ 4-6pm
Members Only Sneak Peek Sale
Apr 23, 24~ 9am-4pm / Apr 25~9am-12noon
This & That Fundraising Sale
May 16, Sat~ 10:30am
Al Morse presents “The McDaniel’s Men”
Jun 6, Sat~ 10:30am
John Moloski on JO Shelby’s War Years
Jun 28, Sun~2:00pm
Piano Students Present Patriotic Performances
Jul 11, Sat~ 10:30 am
Peggy Buhr on JO Shelby’s Bates County Years
Aug 13, Thu~ 6pm: Battle of Island Mound Site Peggy Buhr presents: Hog Island Guerrillas and
the Battle of Island Mound
Aug.22, Sat~ 10:30am
Author Chris Edwards—Quantrill’s Revenge
Sep 19, Sat~ An Evening with Pianist Rick Chael
Music & Merriment ~ Beverages & Buffet
This will be a ticketed fundraising event.
October plans will be announced at a later date.
Mark your calendars but always double check to be certain plans have not changed. Watch your email inbox. Check our Facebook page. Read the papers, listen to the radio, and chat with neighbors. Plan to attend these events , showing appreciation to our guests as well as support the Museum. A Donation Luncheon will follow most of the Saturday morning presentations. We hope to see you there!

 Appleton City Celebrates 150 Years
Our friends and neighbors in Appleton City are busy preparing to commemorate the 150th anniversary of their founding. Plans are under- way and committees are busy at work.

Recently, three women came to visit and we are happily partnering with them by sharing some of the fabulous clothes in our collection for their young girls and ladies to model for a fashion show. The celebration will be held in June although I do not yet have the date for the fashion show. It will be a grand affair!

Peggy’s Ponderings...
I am truly excited about this coming season and I know there are going to be marvelous and unexpected surprises and blessings come our way. It’s 2020! I still smile when I say that out loud. Seriously...2020! The programs we have scheduled offer a nice variety of Civil War, Veterans, Local Heroes, Performances on the Steinway, and much more. Don’t be surprised if we don’t add another one or two events during the sea- son and I think October is going to be absolutely stellar!

The plan is to build upon the success we have had hosting the Spirit Stroll event over the past few years. Rituals surrounding death and burial customs are truly fascinating and people of all ages have a curiosity about the old ways. The theme is “Remember Death ~ Momento Mori.” Very Victorian. Very intriguing in a rather curious and morbid way. I promise it won’t be dark, creepy, or gross. It will however illicit a few gasps of disbelief and that’s exactly the reaction we hope to achieve! Of course, during October our Museum neighbors, the Elks Lodge, will have their haunted house operating so that should be a great partnership.
The weekend of March 14-15 spinners and weavers from across the state will be traveling to Butler to participate in the “All Missouri Spin—2020—Arsenic & Old Lace.” Cynthia Strelkoff has coordinated this event and it’s a fantastic way to showcase Butler and Bates County. Many of our members may not be famil- iar with Cynthia, but some of you may know Mary Limpus of Amsterdam. Mary served on the Society’s Board for many years and is a wonderful friend of the Museum’s and she is participating in this event. I was delighted when Cynthia called and asked if I would give a tour around the Butler Square telling of its history and to attend a luncheon, held at Poplar Heights Farm, to speak about General Order No. 11. I am honored to be a part of this gathering! /// Cynthia moved here a few years ago and lives west of town. She is a fasci- nating and extremely talented woman who travels frequently to Europe. The most marvelous revelation is that Cynthia is a trained vocalist... and I can now envision a concert performance... Cynthia singing with her accompanist playing the Steinway! That performance is a must! I shall keep you all posted...
Those who read my “Tidbits, Truth, & Tall Tales,” articles in the Butler NewsXpress may recall that I mentioned being contacted by a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force who is stationed in Montgomery, Alabama and attends the Air War College. He is writing a professional studies paper on General Order No. 11 and is particularly interested in the lasting impact it had on the counties involved. We had a great conver- sation and I emailed him many contacts, links, sources, etc. And asked him to send a copy of his paper when work is completed. I am still hopeful he will do so but, in the meantime, I have just received a very nice thank you note along with an Air War College patch and a large commemorative coin for his Class—the 73rd Class of Air University—2020. Truly a wonderful gesture of kindness, and they look great here on my desk!

PO Box 164 Butler, MO 64730 660-679-0134 Name:__________________________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip:___________________________________________________________________ Phone:______________________________ Email:______________________________________
Membership Rates: Single-$12 yr. / Couple-$18 yr. / Family(3 or more)-$24 yr. Business-$25 yr. (owner & 2 employees) / Business Plus-$50 yr. (owner & 5 employees) Individual Life Member $200 / Couple Life Member $300 / Family Life Member $500 Memorial Donor $1000 or more
Preserving Our History & Sustaining Our Heritage

Lest we forget...

Nicole Mallat was last seen at 4962 Southwest County Road 3508, Rich Hill, MO at 8:30pm on 11-26-19. 

Anyone with information should immediately dial 911 to contact the nearest law enforcement agency or call the Bates County Sheriff's Office at 660-679-3232.

And it started out as a little ‘ol gathering...

Friday, January 24, 2020

2020 Adrian Court warming king and queen

Congratulations to Adrian Blackhawks Sophmores Jeff Punmanee and Lilly Bremer on being Court warming King and Queen - Courtesy of the Adrian School 

Obituary - Rita Paulette Maxwell

Rita Paulette Maxwell, 76, of Clinton, Missouri passed away early Monday morning, January 20, 2020 at the Westwood Living Center in Clinton. She was born May 30, 1943 in Marshall, Mo., the daughter of Charles L. Coffey and Willa "Billie" Mae (Ray) Coffey. She married Gerald Wayne Maxwell in Marshall, Mo., on August 13, 1960. He preceded her in death on September 18, 2016. She was employed as a seamstress and later as a supervisor with Unitog. 

She and Gerald enjoyed many trips and vacations on their motorcycle. She also enjoyed feeding and watching the hummingbirds. Paulette was fascinated with social media, especially her Facebook friends. Surviving are one son, Darrell Wayne Maxwell and Misty, Marshall, Mo.; one daughter, Tina Marie Wolfe and her husband David, Newton, Iowa; six grandchildren, Kevin Wayne Sperry and fiance Krystal Turner, Dustin Lee Veach and wife Courtney, Joshua Wayne Maxwell, Britny Marie Maxwell, Levi Garrett Maxwell and Jason Michael Maxwell; eight great-grandchildren, Hunter Veach, Weston Veach, Bryson Veach, Emmitt Veach, Rayne Maxwell, Raidon Maxwell, Hudson Turner and Hadlee Turner. 

In addition to her husband Gerald, she was preceded in death by her parents. Graveside services and interment will be at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, January 25, 2020 at the Ridge Park Cemetery, Marshall, Mo. The family will receive friends Saturday morning from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. at the Bradley & Hadley Funeral Home, Clinton. 

Friends may call Friday from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the funeral home. The family suggests memorial contributions to the American Cancer Society, and these donations may be left in care of the funeral home. Condolences may be left online at