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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What the numbers mean for you...

 About once a month, we at Mid America Live run reports to see how we're doing. The good news? We've consistently grown each and every month since our very first news post in 2010.

The image to the left shows our little 'ol news web site has reached almost 31,000 people this week through Facebook alone. The image below shows that almost 14,000 viewed the Mid America Live web page just yesterday.

So are we boasting? Not at all. We want our advertisers and future advertisers to see the true power of potentially how many people will see their ad.

Cost of advertising? VERY low comparatively. If you spent $50 for a display ad last month and 300,000 pairs of eyes hit our page- well, you can divide 50 by 300,000 and see that per impression, your cost is very, very low!

Ready to advertise? Call us today at 660.464.0289 and we'll get your ad put!

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