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Friday, June 24, 2016

FLASHBACK: LaCygne power plant goes on line

Some 46 years ago, something appeared in the west...

And a few years later, the LaCygne Generating Station went on line, providing power for thousands of people throughout the midwest. As construction began, it was a regular 'outing' for local folks to drive over and marvel at the construction of something huge that appeared in a once empty field.

In conjunction with the plant was the P&M Coal mining operation that covered a large area basically between Amsterdam and Amoret; where coal was removed and trucked directly to the LaCygne power station, allowing the plant to be as 'self sustaining' as possible.

Over the years, P&M exhausted the local of supply of coal and it now comes by rail as seen regularly around Amsterdam every few days.

The LaCygne power plant recently went through renovations to meet the latest EPA emission guidelines, see more about those upgrades here. 

-courtesy LaCygne Historical Society

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