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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Garden City Police Citizens Police Academy

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside of a Police Car? Or how crime scene investigators dust for fingerprints? Or what kind of firearms training officers go through? Or do you just want to know more about how the Garden City Police Department works? Then you should sign up for GCMOPD’s Citizens Police Academy.

Experienced police officers and instructors offer briefings, demonstrations, and engage in frank discussions about police operations with class participants. All participants also will go on a ride-along with a patrol officer.

Topics covered during the Citizens Police Academy include overviews of our department history and structure, information on police recruiting and training and hands-on workshops in various areas. Some of the areas explored include:

DWI Investigation

Criminal Investigations

Constitutional law, State Law and City Ordinances

Crime Prevention in Rental Properties and Apartment Communities

Traffic Enforcement and Crash Investigations

Narcotics Investigations

Police Contacts with persons in Mental Health Crisis

The Citizens Police Academy operates on the premise that informed, educated residents would be more supportive of police officers and promote safety in their communities.


Admission to the program is open to anyone 18 or older who has a good standing in the community and is a resident of or works in the City of Garden City, Mo. Each applicant must pass a thorough background investigation.

Citizen Police Academy Applications may be picked up at the Garden City Police Department or Garden City City Hall.

If you have any questions, contact Chief Thomas Alber at 816-773-8201 or email at

*Application Deadline is Friday September 1, 2017

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