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Monday, February 3, 2014

Butler officer takes swift action in after school incident

Butler Police Officer Andy Schmick tends to a few
scrapes and possibly a bruised ego
When the call comes, any officer of the law will tell you to expect that anything could happen-there's really no such thing as a routine call.

However, while on patrol last week, a Butler police officer witnessed something that caused him to jump into action. No, it wasn't a burglary-in-progress or a speeder. In fact, it didn't have anything to do with the law.

The officer saw a person in need and with true compassion, went to help.

It was just after school- a small boy, possibly not having the best of days, found himself on the sidewalk with scrapes and bruises after a hard fall.

While the nature of injuries didn't warrant the need for an ambulance, the child's discontent with the situation was beginning to show through the tears.

Andy Schmick
Enter officer Andy Schmick with first aid supplies in hand- who calmed the boy down before applying the necessary treatments, talking and reassuring the lad that he was going to make it through this just fine.

During the situation, officer Schmick told the boy he wished he'd had a better day. The boy wholeheartedly agreed.

In short order, it was 10-8 (back in service) for officer Schmick as he returned to his regular duties.

As for the young boy, he was patched up, feeling better and headed home- surely feeling the utmost respect for the officer who took a few minutes to make his day a little better.

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