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Monday, April 27, 2015

Bates County Animal Shelter

My name is Bert Allen Brooks and I am the director at House Of Hound which is a home based state licensed 501c3 non-profit dog rescue based in Grandview, Missouri. I am now entering into my second year of operations and have been looking for a location where my services are really needed. Zoning issues here in Grandview only allow me to do so much so I now need to think bigger and in new directions. Over the past several months I have worked almost exclusively in Bates County and have seen the real need in the community for a facility/shelter which would be a welcome family friendly environment the entire Bates County community can utilize. I eventually would like to incorporate a dog park, dog walk and maybe a pet cemetery. I have allot to offer the community and would also be extending support to Animal Control Officers not only in Butler but County wide. I have spoken with County and City Officials on several occasions and everyone has been very helpful and positive about my move to Bates County. I have also been working very hard on my own and with local realtors, looking at many properties throughout the County. Realizing what kind of funds I will now have to raise in order to bring a real Animal Shelter to the area I would like to see if your news organization would be willing to run a story on the efforts taking place right now. All of my documentation can be found on the main House Of Hound website listed below. I just graduated from Ashworth College to be a Veterinary Assistant on 04/24/2015. House Of Hound has also been filming the pilot episodes for a tv show about dog rescue which is available on Roku/Vimeo. 

Bert Allen Brooks
House Of Hound
(816) 605-1755