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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Butler Jr. High School Track Results 4/20/15

On Monday April 20th the Butler Junior High Track team returned to Cass Midway to compete in the Jr Viking All Relay meet against 13 schools. The Boys took 3rd place overall with 61 points, while the girls took 5th place overall. There were many personal bests from both the boys and girls despite the strong, blustery winds! Point winners are as follows:
Results for the Girls: 
6th Place:             4x100 Relay—Peyten Heckadon, Madison Tippie, Lanie Kauffman, Jayde Eidson—1:01.95
5th Place:              4x800 Relay— Peyten Heckadon, Hunter Ward,  Reayn Hill, Tailor Olson—13:10.29
4th Place:              4x200 Relay—Margo Miller, Lanie Kauffman, Jayde Eidson, Claire Sutton—2:08.61
                                 Discus—Mar Shaun’Ta Jamerson, Ciara Hill, Tara Smith 150’ 4” total of combined best throws
                                4x400 Relay—Claire Sutton, Jayde Eidson, Margo Miller, Mackaylea Wareham—4:56.
Medal Winners:
2nd Place:        Shuttle Hurdles—Tailor Olson, Margo Miller, Mackaylea Wareham, Claire Sutton—1:26.30
1st Place:         Long Jump—Margo Miller, Claire Sutton, Lanie Kauffman—36’2” total of combined best jumps

Results for the Boys: 
4th Place:         Discus—Dillon Hill, Nathan Williams, Wain Walker—204’ 10”total of combined best throws
Medal Winners: 
3rd Place:         4x100 Relay—7th grade—Aaron McCoy, Dillon Hill, Josh Noe, Zack Wicks—59.09
2nd Place:           Shuttle Hurdles—Chase Anderson, Tyler Hough, Nathan Williams, Kirby Connell—1:19.94
Sprint Medley Relay 100- Kirby Connell, 100-Derrick Shobe, 200-Cody Gabriel, 400-Josh Noe—2:02.26
4x200 Relay—Nathan Williams, Tyler Hough, Cody Gabriel, Derrick Shobe—1:52.27
Dist Medley—200-Kirby Connell, 200-Zack Wicks, 400-Nathan Williams, 800-Josh Noe—4:50.75
Shot Put—Derrick Shobe, Wain Walker, Dillon Hill—91’1 ¼”” total of combined best throws

1st Places:          High Jump—Cody Gabriel, Kirby Connell, Tyler Hough—14’4” total ht.—combined best heights