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Monday, April 27, 2015

Long Time Nevada Business Closing In June

A longtime Nevada manufacturing facility is set to close it's doors in June. American Standard, formerly Crane Plumbing, notified employees on Friday that they will be ceasing operations in their Nevada manufacturing facility effecting on Tuesday, June 30th of this year. 

The plant was originally part of Crane Plumbing, LLC, but was merged with two other entities to form American Stand Brands in 2009. Company executives informed the 133 employees in Nevada that production would be relocated to there facilities within the American Standard Brands operations, which includes 50 production facilities worldwide. The Nevada plant makes sanitary chinaware products such as toilets, urinals, and bathroom sinks. 

American Standard CEO Steve Delarge says in a press release that the decision, while difficult, was unavoidable in the interested of securing the company's future. Plans for the plant itself are not known at this time.