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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MoDOT Mowing Activity Begins This Week Watch for Slow-Mowing Operations‏

SOUTHWEST  MO - Drivers across southwest Missouri can expect to start seeing MoDOT crews out mowing roadsides over the next few weeks, the Missouri Department of Transportation said.
Crews will focus first on local communities, addressing visibility concerns at intersections, and touching some of the highest volume traffic routes ahead of Memorial Day.
Crews set bush hog mowers to a height of 7-8 inches to minimize the risk of throwing rocks or large debris. Mowers will make one pass, or shoulder cut, at least six-feet wide on each side of the roadway.
MoDOT crews will mow 14,700 miles of vegetation in the 21-counties of the Southwest District to address safety concerns including high grass that obstructs visibility. The first phase of mowing for 2015 should be completed by June 11.
Drivers are urged to use caution around slow-moving operations such as mowers, as crews and equipment will be working in and near the roadways.
Weather delays could alter the work schedule.
Michael Middleton, Southwest District Maintenance Engineer stated, "We appreciate customer concerns about the vegetation height. We are currently running all of our mowing operations to address these concerns. We will have all routes mowed with this one pass by June 11."