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Friday, June 19, 2015

Clinton man arrested after bizzare incident

A strange incident inside the Clinton Capri packaging plant Thursday morning ended with a man arrested on charges of municipal assault.

Lt. Sonny Lynch of the Clinton Police Department told The Democrat that while one man was inside the plant taking an employment test his relative wandered inside the plant and allegedly assaulted a woman. 

Arrested in the Capri parking lot Thursday was Jeffrey Hartsell, 48, Clinton. Hartsell was held on $1,000 bail after being transported to the Henry County Detention Center.

According to the report, a relative of Hartsell’s was allowed to enter the plant for some type of employment testing or training. Hartsell was in the same vehicle as the man but once inside, Hartsell is alleged to have entered the building himself without permission While inside the building Hartsell is alleged to have assaulted a female employee. Hartsell is said to have grabbed the woman’s hair, holding her and shouting obscenities.

Another Capri employee intervened and Hartsell reportedly released the woman and exited the plant. Hartsell was not armed.

The Clinton Police Department quickly responded and took Hartsell into custody in the parking lot of Capri on Golden Drive in north Clinton..

Lt. Lynch related to The Democrat that Hartsell’s family members stated he has health issues. Lynch said the investigation continues.

Courtesy of The Clinton Daily Democrat 

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