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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Clinton man arrested on Felony Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer

Max Belcher
On Friday, July 10th, at approximately 9:20 a.m., Clinton Police Officer Charles Barnett stopped at a residence located at 411 South Carter St., to contact a man about a code violation. Officer Barnett is assigned to animal control and code enforcement duties in the City of Clinton.

Upon contacting the man, who was standing in a garage area with the door open, the man informed Officer Barnett that he could do whatever he pleased on his own land. The man then closed the garage door. Officer Barnett soon saw that the man was at the front door of the house. Officer Barnett approached the front door as the man opened it and Officer Barnett observed that the man’s 5-year-old child was standing beside the man. Officer Barnett again tried to speak to the man about the code violation and told him that it was not his intent to write him a ticket, but just to talk to him about correcting the violation.

At that that time the man drew a large frame semi-automatic handgun, pulled the slide to the rear to chamber a round and cursed at Officer Barnett ordering him off of his property.

Fearing for his life Officer Barnett drew his service weapon, took cover and called dispatch for assistance. Upon the arrival of additional officers, the man emerged onto his front porch threatening officers and telling them to leave his property. His weapon was not visible. One of the officers closest to the man shot him in the chest with a Taser. Other officers rushed forward and took the man into custody. The man refused to submit to arrest and struggled with officers, but he was eventually brought under control and handcuffed. After the man was taken into custody, officers conducted a sweep of the residence recovering the weapon that he had threatened Officer Barnett with and another loaded pistol.

The man was identified as 30-year-old Max Belcher of Clinton. He was placed under arrest for 1st Degree Felony Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer and Child Endangerment in the 1st Degree. Belcher was treated for injuries that were sustained during his arrest at the Golden Valley Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. He was then transported to the Henry County Detention Center where he was served warrants for the offenses with a bond of $150,000 cash or surety.

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