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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just to clear up any rumors

So, I've had a lot of people ask me recently if House of Hound is closed, the answer for anyone who is wondering is NO, we aren't going anywhere anytime soon! As long as we keep getting support and donations from YOU guys, the public, we are here to stay! I've heard so many rumors over the last month and the only one that was true was about the Parvo, we got that all taken care of, NONE of the dogs at the shelter right now have it, ALL dogs are safe!! We are NOT closing down!! What we are doing is expanding the outdoor play yard to allow for more dogs to play outside safely, thanks to all the volunteers that are donating their time for that.

We are also in the process of painting the floor , getting safer kennels and trying to get each dog a new Kurunda bed to sleep on, (we only need 4 more)! We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers, someone who is at least 18, responsible, self motivated and willing to work. We also need dog walkers, we are running on a very small crew right now and really need people.

If you have community service, you can do it with us, if you need volunteer hours for school/college, you can do it with us. We have lots of loving dogs that are looking for their forever home. The care, safety, well being and happiness of our dogs is our top concern!

We are open from 10-3 daily. Stop by and make a donation, adopt your new best friend, take a dog on a walk or just look around, we'd be happy to have you!