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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bates County Fair Baby Contest Winners 2016

Baby Show Results

Winners in the 0-3 months division:
Girls- Novella Pointer
Parents- Anna Knight - Amsterdam MO
Boys- none

Winners in the 4-6 months division:
Girls- Kynlee Shannon
Parents- Lori and Matt Shannon - Adrian MO
Boys- Rylan Wilson
Parents- Roy and Makyla Wilson - Butler MO

Winners in the 7-12 months division:
Girls- Bria Merryfield
Parents- Jeff and Lara Merryfield - Appleton City MO
Boys- Dyxon Reinke
Parents- Tyler and Cheyenne Reinke - Butler MO

Winners in the 13-18 months division:
Girls- Stella Liles
Parents- Jared and Jamie Liles - Nevada MO
Boys- Blayne Cummings
Parents- Shelby and Koby Cummings - Butler MO

Winners in the 19-24 months division:
Girls- Hadley Brooks
Parents- Rachell and Travis Brooks - Butler MO
Boys- Carson Smith
Parents- Shea and Elizabeth Smith - Adrian MO

Winners in the 25-30 months division:
Girls- Harper Powell
Parents- Craig and Kayla Powell - Butler MO
Boys- Nathaniel Shobe
Parents- Bradley and Anna Shobe - Butler MO
Boys- Keenan Armentrout
Parents- Abbie and Nick Armentrout - Butler MO

Winners in 31-36 months division:
Girl- Mackenzee Douty
Parents- Desiree and Jesse Douty - Butler MO
Boys- Mason Smith
Parents- Kyle and Penny Smith - Butler MO

Winners in 37-42 months division:
Girls- Harper Vanmeter
Parents- Dustin and Tabatha Vanmeter - Butler MO
Boys- Jaxson Eldridge
Parents- Becky Douty - Butler MO

Winners in the 43-48 months division:
Girls- None
Boys-Hunter Yarick
Parents- Cliff and Gail Yarick - Hume MO

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