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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

From the Bates County Sheriffs Office

The Bates County Sheriffs Posse is seeking people interested in giving back to our community through service. The Sheriffs Posse was founded in 2009 with the purpose to assist the Sheriffs Office operations.

The Sheriffs Posse mainly participates in search and rescue efforts. In the past, the Posse has been dispatched to tornado devastated areas including Joplin. The Posse has also been dispatch to multiple missing person including elderly and small children.

The posse also participates in ride along with Deputies and assist in scene security at major incidents. 

Should the need arise for mass distribution of food, water and basic supplies in a disaster the Posse would assist in this much needed operation.

If you think you are interested in becoming part of an organization dedicated to the protection and service of our community please contact the Bates County Sheriffs Office for an application. 

To be considered for the Posse you must be able to pass a criminal/moral background check and drug test.

If interested please call 660-679-3232.

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