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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Windshield kicked out of Bates County Sheriffs car in Rich Hill

On July 13, 2016 Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance on county road 10508 in Rich Hill, MO. Deputies interviewed a male subject who stated his wife had hit him several times in the face. He had injuries to his mouth. The male subject stated that he did not wish to press charges. 

The wife stated that they both hit each other and she wanted him to leave. The Deputy explained to her that he could not force her husband leave. The wife became very agitated and started yelling at her husband. She threatened to hit her husband again. The Deputy decided because of her level of intoxication, he would put her on a 12 hour Detox. The Deputy attempted to place the female into the front seat of his patrol vehicle. She refused to put her legs in the car and kept pushing on the door with her feet so the Deputy could not close the door. The Deputy attempted to put her legs in the car and in turn the female subject kicked the windshield of the patrol vehicle causing the windshield to crack. 

The Deputy advised the female that she was going to be charged with a crime for breaking the windshield and if she did not put her feet down that they would be restrained with flex cuffs. The subject decided to put her feet down so the Deputy could close the door.

The subject was transferred to the Bates County Jail and put on a 24 hour investigative hold. The female subject is expected to be charged with tampering with a motor vehicle. 

Mid America Live News will update this when names are released to us.

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