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Friday, August 12, 2016

Butler Elementary PTSO has Purchased a “Buddy Bench” in Honor of Kalee Chandler

The Butler Elementary PTSO has purchased a “Buddy Bench” in honor of Kalee Chandler.

This bench can be found in the playground area of the Butler Elementary School.

Kalee Chandler- “In Our Hearts, Always and Forever”.

The “Buddy Bench” originated in Germany and was brought to the United States by a student, Christian Bucks. From there it found a home in Signal Mountain, TN at Nolan Elementary School. The “Buddy Bench” is a simple concept with the goal being to help create friendships on the playground.

Studies show that recess and lunch are the two reigning “favorites” among elementary students…for the most part. However, for students new to a school or those students who deal with social anxiety, these activities can be the loneliest part of their day. With no established relationships, students become isolated from their peers. 

The concept of the “Buddy Bench” is simple – if a child has no friends to play with, they would take a seat on the “Buddy Bench” signaling to other students that they were open to making friends and participating in games. The “Buddy Bench” is an effective way to deal with the often daunting task of making friends.

The spirit of the “Buddy Bench” is very representative of Kalee Chandler. Her giving and loving nature will be perpetuated here in Butler with the introduction of the “Buddy Bench” to the Butler Elementary playground.

Courtesy of FM 921 News

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