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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Drug Search Warrant Executed in Windsor on Wednesday Afternoon

Michael Beal
According to Sheriff Kent Oberkrom, four persons were arrested on 24-hour investigation for drug-related charges, in connection with the service of a search warrant on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, shortly before 3:00 p.m. The search warrant was executed in the 300 block of West Center Street, in Windsor. 

The search warrant authorized law enforcement officers to search the address for methamphetamine, as well as items associated with its distribution. During the search warrant’s execution, approximately sixty (60) grams of methamphetamine was discovered and seized. 

Arrested on 24-hour investigation for distribution of controlled substances within a school zone was Kimberly Gray, age 37, Michael Beal, age 43, David Houk, age 47, and Josie Gibbs, age 17, all of Windsor. 
Josie Gibbs

Additional charges for child endangerment will be submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for consideration, as five (5) small children were discovered within the residence at the time of the search warrant’s service. 

The tactical entry unit from the Bates County Sheriff’s Office was deployed and was assisted by deputies of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, as well as operatives from C-NET Drug Task Force and inspectors from the United States Postal Service. “This investigation involved multiple agencies, including not only the Sheriff’s Office, but both C-NET Drug Task Force and the United States Postal Service, which encompassed many hours of information gathering”, Sheriff Oberkrom stated. “This was another great example of a teamwork effort by the agencies and officers involved, leading to the issuance of the search warrant, as well as its successful execution”, Sheriff Oberkrom concluded. 

Those deputies which participated were Major Rob Hills, Cpls. Zach Sebree, Aaron Richardson and Sheri Dody, Detectives Dee Dugan and Randy Koenke, and Deputies Lenny Kubilus, Brandon Oaks and Spencer Townsend. 

Kimberly Gray

David Houk

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