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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nevada man arrested on Probation Violation

On 8/10/16 The Nevada Police Department arrested 20 year old Lee Roy K. Parrish of Nevada, Missouri.

Mr. Parrish was arrested on 1.) Probation Violation - Original Charge Felony 2nd Degree Assault 2.) Theft of a Credit Card.

He pled guilty in April of 2015 and his 7 year prison sentence was suspended pending 5 years of probation.

Mr. Parrish was booked into the Vernon County Jail and placed on no bond.


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A Nevada man's in custody at the Vernon County jail for an alleged probation violation.

Vernon County sheriff's department officials say 20-year-old Lee Roy K. Parrish was booked Wednesday by Nevada Police officers. Vernon County circuit court information, available on-line, indicates Parrish pleaded guilty in late April, 2015 to felony charges alleging second-degree assault and theft of a credit card or letter-of-credit and two seven-year prison sentences were suspended, pending five years probation. The no-bond probation violation warrant was issued Tuesday, July 26.

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