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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

From the National Rifle Association: Number of older Americans arming themselves on the rise

The NRA (National Rifle Association:) has seen a large rise in all demographics seeking firearm training. Specifically in students over 65, NRA training courses have had a 400% rise since 2010. This data is just for basic firearm training courses (pistol, rifle, shotgun) taught by Certified NRA Instructors. 

In our basic courses for the 65 and older category, we had 5,652 take training courses in 2010 and 22,739 in 2015
The combined % increase for all demographics since 2010 is 265%, though 2013’s numbers were higher than 2015.  

The National Rifle Association trains nearly 1 million students of all ages across all courses every year with nearly half a million students participating in our basic courses.

The NRA says, " We see the increase in older adults enrolling in firearms training courses as an indicator that these citizens believe their personal protection, and the safety of their families and property, is ultimately their responsibility, and are taking the initiative to pursue proper firearms training in order to become empowered to defend themselves legally and responsibly. 

The NRA is encouraged by this responsible behavior, and will continue to provide the gold standard of firearms training, safety and education to citizens of all ages, as we have for decades."

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