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Friday, September 2, 2016

Nevada man arrested on probation violation

On 9/1/16 the Vernon County Sheriff's Office arrested 33 year old Jedediah Krull of Nevada, Missouri.

Mr. Krull was arrested for 1.) Probation Violation - Original charge Class D Felony 3rd Degree Assault which he plead guilty to on January 20,2016 and was sentenced to 3 years MDOC which was suspended pending 5 years supervised probation.

He was booked into the Vernon County Jail and currently must serve 4 days in jail before being released.

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A Nevada man was booked at the Vernon County Jail for a probation violation.

33-year-old Jedediah Krull was booked Thursday for the probation violation. According to court docket information, Krull was originally charged in December of 2015 for a class D felony charge of third degree domestic assault, and he plead guilty on January 20. krull was sentenced to three years with the Missouri Department of Corrections, a sentenced that was suspended, pending five years probation. The probation violation was filed on August 26, and the warrant for Krull's arrest was issued on August 29, and executed Thursday by Vernon County Sheriff's Deputies.

The warrant states that Krull must serve four days, and then be released with no court date set.