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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bates County Circuit Court News 10/12 - 10/28 - 2016

  • John S Stone v Angela G Stone, Dissolution of Marriage granted.
  • Anna Brown v Kenneth Brown, Dissolution of Marriage granted.
  • St v. Herman Douglas Gilkey, I: Felony possession of controlled substance-methamphetamines, guilty plea, sentenced to 7 yrs in MDOC; II: Felony resisting lawful stop, guilty plea, sentenced to 4 years in MDOC with jurisdiction retained.
  • St v. Herman Douglas Gilkey, I: Felony endangering welfare of a child—dismissed; II: Felony domestic assault—guilty plea, sentenced to 7 years in MDOC, jurisdiction retained. 
  • St v Dallas W Moreland, probation revoked, previous sentence imposed, with jurisdiction retained.