Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weekend storm: From Adrian Fire Chief Gary Dizney...

Mid America Live spoke with Adrian Fire Chief Gary Dizney today about the possible icing situation this weekend. 

Chief Dizney would like the public to know that the Adrian Fire Department is making advanced plans for handling possible dangerous situations in the Adrian fire district. Individuals are encouraged to plan ahead as well.

First, don't travel this weekend if you can avoid it.

And if the forecast is wrong, you can always use the extra supplies- bottled water, ready to eat food, coats, warm clothes and blankets.

Check your meds, if low, get your prescriptions filled before the weekend.

Since ice usually means power outages, you may plan to use a generator. Never operate the unit indoors, even in your garage. It's better to put it completely out in the open, away from your home and run an extension cord. Never refuel the generator while it's hot.

Use extra care with placement and use of space heaters and candles inside your home. Slick roads will certainly hamper the response time of the fire department.

Some food for thought- if there are massive power outages, Osage Valley and KCP&L may be overrun with phone calls. We suggest you be patient and call anyway- there may be a chance your outage hasn't been reported yet. 

Likewise, if you see issues around the city of Adrian that look dangerous such as downed power lines, etc., consider calling the power company and the Adrian fire department directly at 816-297-2121. Same would be good for accidents with injuries- call 911, then go ahead and place a call to the Adrian fire department too. It may help speed response time if dispatch is overwhelmed.

While we hope they are wrong, forecasters seem pretty sure we are going to get ice starting late Friday. How much is still unknown now, but more accurate forecasts should be available late tomorrow.

Be safe!