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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Formal charges pending on Springfield man after high speed chase on Highway 13 in St. Clair County

Daniel Rodriguez
St. Clair County Sheriff Scott Keeler reported on May 23, Daniel Rodriguez, 29, Springfield, was taken into custody on a no bond detainer from Missouri Probation and Parole after a high speed chase on Highway 13.

The investigation started when a St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office deputy patrolling Highway 13 checked the speed of two motorcycles, a white sport bike, and a blue sport bike at approximately 90 miles per hour approximately two miles north of Collins. The deputy activated his emergency lights and siren in an attempt to stop the drivers of two motorcycles

The driver of the white motorcycle turned off and the driver of the blue motorcycle accelerated rapidly. The deputy followed the driver of the blue motorcycle, later identified as Rodriquez. Speeds reached in excess of 130 miles per hour with Rodriquez weaving in and out of traffic. At one point Rodriguez drove in between two southbound cars traveling side by side. Rodriquez continued into Polk County traveling over 100 miles per hour.

Approximately six miles south of Bolivar, Rodriquez started to lose control in a rain shower. The deputy slowed his patrol car, with lights and siren still activated, in an attempt to not run over Rodriquez if he lost total control.

The deputy’s patrol car hydroplaned and travelled into the median. The patrol car crossed two lanes of on-coming traffic, travelled up an embankment striking multiple trees. The deputy was transported by ambulance to Cox South Trauma Unit and was later released with minor injuries.

Rodriquez continued south on Highway 13 and was apprehended after being followed by a Missouri State Highway Patrol aircraft to a residence in Springfield. A deputy responded to the residence, took Rodriquez into custody, and transported him to the St. Clair County Jail. Several formal charges are pending on Rodriguez.

The motorcycle was found to be stolen out of Joplin.

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