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Monday, May 29, 2017

From the Benton County Sheriff's Office

On Sunday afternoon Benton County Deputies and MSHP participated in a 30 mile slow-speed speed pursuit from Pump & Munch convenience store located at 7 and 65 Hwy to Secluded Loop in Lincoln Mo. 

The individual arrested was wanted in connection with a drive off from Pump & Munch and his license plates were reported stolen. Upon a safe and successful conclusion, it was discovered that the suspect had 12 warrants from Blue Springs for a similar situation. 

The suspect had several more license plates inside the vehicle some of which were stolen, drugs, paraphernalia and other items. This pursuit and it's conclusion was absolutely text book in its execution. This little post by no means, describes the professionalism I witnessed in this dangerous situation. 

Thank you to all who were involved, including our dispatchers! Excellent work!

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