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Monday, June 12, 2017

Bates County Circuit County News 6/1-6/12-2017

  • St v David W Allen, amended to Misd. Stealing, sentenced to 2 days in jail, given credit for time served.
  • St v. Genie Mobbs, admitted violation on probation violation, sentenced to 4 yrs in MDOC, given 5 years probation on Ct II burglary.
  • St v. Joe Willie Williams, probation extended 1 year
  • St v. Andrew L Woods, admitted violation, probation extended 1 year, No ECCS, to serve 6 days shock time in jail.
  • St v. Jamie Murray, probation violation admitted, sentenced to 5 years in MDOC
  • St v. Robert E Copeland, probation violation admitted, probation extended 1 year, No ECCS.
  • Kelly R Williams v. Bailey Earl Williams, Dissolution of Marriage granted.
  • Beth A. Hannon v Douglas A. Hannon, Dissolution of Marriage granted.
  • Victoria C Livingston v Gary L W. Livingston, Dissolution of Marriage granted.