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Friday, June 16, 2017

From the desk of Bates County Coroner Greg Mullinax

The Bates County Coroner just finished a webinar on heat related deaths. It's a sad reality that we will likely encounter this at least once during the hot summer months. Therefore we want to remind you to make it a point now to check on your older friends and neighbors, especially the homebound, on these hot days ahead. It may surprise you how many households in our area do not have or like to use air conditioning. 

Many believe that simply sitting in front of a fan helps; while this may provide temporary relief, prolonged heat exposure elevates your core body temperature and can cause serious and potentially fatal problems - especially to those who already have health issues.

In Bates County, when temperatures soar, many churches and organizations provide cooling centers, and our office is aware of these locations. This is one of those times when a little awareness and prevention can save a life.