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Thursday, June 1, 2017

From the Harrisonville Police Department

Hey Jude....or rather Hey June. It's summer folks and you know what that means. More time at the pool, more sunburns (well...if the weather cooperates soon that is), and more kids out playing. 

So please remember a couple things over the next couple months.

1 - Kids will be out playing, so watch your speed and pay attention to the road. Just because there's no crosswalk doesn't mean that kids won't try to cross there.

2 - Be safety conscious about your home. Don't broadcast to the public that you won't be there and make sure when you're out to keep your house locked up. As a reminder, the Harrisonville PD does vacation home checks. The form can be picked up at the PD or you can call it in to Dispatch at 816-380-8940. (Also, if you go somewhere fun we love souvenirs!)

3 - Remember to drink plenty of water and take breaks in warm weather. No need to get a dose of heat-stroke with your summer fun!

The Harrisonville PD will be here to help, and we leave you with some music to hopefully brighten your day since we got it stuck in our head while writing this post.

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