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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Search Warrant Executed in Barton County

 Ary Dwayne. Cliett, age 32, of Lamar 
On 06-22-2017 Officers of the ODET Drug task force obtained a search warrant for a residence in the Kenoma area of Barton County after obtaining information of alleged Illegal drug activity going on. 

The Jasper County Sheriffs Office Swat Team executed the warrant due to a reported elevated level of danger at the residence, and the lack of resources the Barton Sheriff’s Office has. A helicopter assigned to the ODET drug task force flew the area to watch for activity at the home during the warrant. 

During the execution and investigation of this event the Barton County Sheriff’s Office was only a support role to the ODET drug task force officers. Once the property was secured by the Jasper County Swat Team three subjects were located, detained and transported back to the Barton County Jail. At the time the SWAT Team arrived at the home one of the three subjects fled on foot and hid from officers for a period of time. 

Charles D. Kaderly, age 42, of Carthage
Deputy Justin Ehrsam and K9 Rika tracked the subject a distance away from the home where a 32 year of age male subject was found hiding. He was taken into custody without incident. The male subject was found to be in possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest. During the search of the property illegal substances (over 40 grams of what is believed to be the illegal drug Methamphetamine) and stolen property was located at the home. The three individuals arrested was processed into the jail, but the following day was released due to not having lab analysis reports of the substances seized at the home. 

Chanstin B. Besendorfer, age 24, of Lamar
Once lab reports are obtained investigative reports will be sent to the Barton County Prosecutor, Steven Kaderly for consideration of filing formal criminal charges.

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