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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Adrian Boy Scout Troop 238 wants to thank you

A BIG THANK YOU to Adrian and local communities for your support of the 2017 High Adventure Crew of Adrian Boy Scout Troop 238 in their fund-raising effort over the past three years. Today these scouts will begin their 68-mile, 12-day hike through the mountains of Cimarron, NM at Philmont Scout Ranch. (Note - our 2020 HA Crew has begun their fund-raising in preparation for their trip, location to be determined. Your continued support is appreciated.) Thank you! (Pix taken at Union Station prior to departure. L-R: Chris Sullins, Carson Elmer, Ashby Bays, Wyait Halliburton, Ian Apple, Seth Hogue, Dale Dowse.)

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