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Monday, July 10, 2017

Barton County Electric Cooperative Announces Vegetation Control Spraying

Barton County Electric Cooperative based in Lamar, Missouri, in effort to maintain safe, reliable electricity for our members have announced our plans for the 2017 vegetation control program. 

The area we will be spraying will be the entire service territory east of I-49 and will begin today north of Highway 96 in Jasper County ending in Vernon County along Highway 54. 

This maintenance will be completed with the application of EPA registered products to prevent the regrowth of undesirable vegetation in and along our right-of-ways.
Barton County Electric has contracted with a Missouri based contractor, Poor Boy Tree Service to apply the EPA registered products. Poor Boy Tree Service, is a professional vegetation control contractor, with their home office based in Fair Play, MO. They have provided vegetation control for most major electric utilities, pipelines and railroad companies in Missouri and surrounding states. 

Poor Boy Tree Service a licensed contractor with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, have commercial certified applicators, ISA Certified Arborists, Certified Arborist Utility Specialists and have a Registered Department of Labor Apprentice Program for Tree Trimmers. They also have a fleet of specialized equipment which includes pickups, ATVs and skid steers.
Products applied will only control broadleaf weed and brush which will have virtually no effect on grass including corn and will not harm humans, livestock or pets. Poor Boy Tree Service staff clearly understands the need to close all gates they enter through when applying vegetation control products on Barton County Electric Cooperative right of ways.
If anyone has questions or concerns please feel free to contact Barton County Electric 417-682-5636 or Poor Boy Tree Service 417-654-2774.

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