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Monday, July 10, 2017

Bates County Coroner Activity Report for the period June 16-30, 2017:

Activity Report for the period June 16-30, 2017:
·3 Nursing Home/Hospice type deaths were reported for the period. None required further investigation.

·On 6/21/17 the Coroner responded to a county road west of MO ST RT CC in Amoret, Missouri. Mr. Michael Brawley was pronounced by Coroner Greg D. Mullinax at 12:31 PM with the cause of death determined to be accidental.

·On 6/24/17 the Coroner responded to a residence on South Main Street in Butler. Mr. Nicky Jester was pronounced by Coroner Greg D. Mullinax at 7:45 AM. Investigation determined jurisdiction belonged to the Jackson County Medical Examiner and this case was transferred to their office for investigation.

·On 6/27/17 the Coroner’s office responded to the Bates County Memorial Hospital Emergency Department per protocol. Brenda Brady was pronounced by Emergency Department personnel with death due to natural causes.

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