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Monday, July 3, 2017

Butler Police Department Activity Report 6/26 - 7/2 - 2017

Walk in Harassment report
Animal complaint 600 block of S Mechanic
Warrant service Fran Apts
Theft report800 block of N Delaware
Disturbance BCMH
Noise complaint 400 S Delaware

Well being check 100 block of S Delaware
Walk in assault report
Harassment report 100 block of N Orange
Theft report Wal-Mart
Keep the peace 80 block of S Birch
Vandalism report 400 block of E Oak

Medical assist 500 block of W Harrison
Medical assist 400 block of S Delaware
Property damage report
Harassment call Fran Apts
Animal complaint N Maple

Harassment call 100 block of N Orange
Animal complaint Gale Lane
Walk in assault report
Assist DFS
N Austin
Well being check Fran apts
Well being check 200 block of S Delaware

Disturbance Delaware and Dakota
Fireworks complaint Main and Atkinson
Animal complaint 400 S Delaware
911 call 600 block of W FT Scott
Traffic assist W-52 overpass
Animal complaint 100 block of S Delaware

Domestic 200 block of S Longsinger
Fireworks complaint S Mechanic
Disturbance Delaware and Dakota
Disturbance 800 block of Wix Lane
Assist DFS 200 block of S Longsinger
Disturbance Mill and Henry
Fireworks complaint Jefferson and Willow
Fireworks complaint West Street

C and I driver W Ft Scott
Disturbance Nursery and Fulton
Theft report 500 block of W Dakota
Well being check 1100 block of W Ft Scott
Theft report 200 block of S Orange
Fireworks complaint 100 block of S Willow
Leave without pay Casey’s

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