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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Funny Money Floating Around Barton County

The following is a public service announcement in reference to the use of prop or play money being used in the area. Recently, we have been called to multiple businesses in town due to the passing of play or prop money. We found the image of the $100 bills on the internet, the $10 bill was collected today.

The $100 bill looks and feels like the real thing (we know, because we have collected one of those as well). But if you look closer, the right side of the bill says " for motion picture use only".

Upon closer inspection, it is very noticeable that the money is indeed fake. The $10 bill has obvious stamps on the front and back. It was actually given to a customer as change yesterday from one business here in town and was caught by another business today, when the customer went to a different store and attempted to make a purchase with it.

We did a little research and found, anyone can purchase prop money online for fairly cheap. However, the fake money is very close in size, feel and shape when compared to real currency. The fake money does not have proper watermarks and will not pass the Dri-Mark test.

These fake bills can be purchased in many variations such as, with stamps but no statements, no stamps but when you look closer they have statements of "not legal tender", "motion picture use only" or various other statements.

This service announcement is not intended specifically for businesses but for the general public as well. To help you not become a victim, we ask that you take the extra second to inspect your money when you receive it during any transaction. At a quick glance, it can and has passed as real money.

Please share this post for us and help pass along this info.

Courtesy of the Baxter Springs Police FB Page

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