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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Local 4-H'ers 'fair' well at Ozark Empire

Congratulations to our local in-building 4-Hers at the 2017 Ozark Empire Fair:

Algiere, Makenzie Choc Chip Bar Cookies blue 
Algiere, Makenzie Napkin Holder blue 
Anderson, MaKayla Pond Photo red 
Anderson, MaKayla Apron red 
Anderson, MaKayla Button M blue 
Anderson, Marissa Red, White, Blue Cake blue 
Anderson, Marissa Bowl Holder blue 
Anderson, Marissa 12x12 Pig Page blue 
Armentrout, John Pencil Pouch blue 
Barber, Libby Snickerdoodles blue 
Barber, Libby Choc Chip Bar Cookies blue 
Bolling, Danielle Rabbit Picture Frame blue 
Bolling, Danielle Goat Show Halter blue 
Bolling, Haley Goat Show Halter blue 
Bolling, Haley Horse Shoe Coasters red 
Bridges, Clayton Boot Rack blue 
Bridges, Cody Boot Rack blue 
Bruto, Avery Basket w/Flowers Cake blue reserve
Bruto, Mylie Flower Photo blue 
Campbell, Celia Goose Photo blue 
Clover, Adyson Choc Chip Bar Cookies blue 
Clover, Rylie Person Photo red 
Clover, Rylie Luau Cake red 
Cummings, Sophie Bunny Cake blue 
Cummings, Sophie Pillow Case blue 
Cummings, Sophie Tote Bag blue 
Engeman, Olivia Chevron Romper blue 
Engeman, Olivia Red & Blue Bootjack blue 
Engeman, Olivia Toy Boat red 
Fischer, Chelby Snickerdoodles blue 
Fischer, Chelby Zucchini blue reserve
Fischer, Cole Extension Cord blue 
Foster, Miranda Whale Cake blue 
Gach, Shelby Yellow Knitted Blanket blue 
Gach, Shelby Black & White Reflextion red 
Gach, Shelby Paris Skirt & Shirt red 
Gach, Shelby Peach Butter blue 
Gach, Sydney Blue & White Hat & Scarf blue 
Gach, Sydney Corn & Black Bean Salsa blue 
Gillis, Cooper Gun Rack red 
Jenkins, Allison Apron blue grand
Jenkins, Allison Sweater Pillow red 
Jenkins, Allison Beef Jerky blue 
Jenkins, Allison Tea Pot Cake blue grand
Koshko, Judd Horse Shoe Flower blue 
Laughlin, Nathan Red Potatoes blue 
Laughlin, Serenity Brussel Sprouts red 
Lawson, Maylen Beef Rub blue 
Lawson, Maylen Horse Shoe Coasters blue 
Lawson, Vertrese Recipe Book blue reserve
Lawson, Vertrese Stick & Moss Bird House blue grand
Lowe, Baxter Picture Frame red 
Lowe, Baxter Picture Frame red 
Miller, Brooke Whale Cake blue 
Miller, Mayci Tile Coasters blue 
Mohr, Ryan Bird Feeder red 
Mott, Chase Electrical Wall Frame blue reserve
Mott, Kaylee Elephant Baby Quilt blue 
Nissen, Hunter Squirrel Hides blue 
O'Farrell, Alexis Flip Flops blue 
O'Farrell, Alexis Headband red 
O'Farrell, Kaylee Blue Dress red 
O'Farrell, Kaylee Denim Purse red 
O'Farrell, Kaylee Show Supply Organizer blue 
Pennington, Kaley Hydraulic Robot Arm blue grand
Randalls, Dylan Tic Tac Toe Game blue grand
Reed, Abigail First Aid Kit blue 
Reed, Abigail No Bake Cookies blue 
Reed, Ben First Aid Kit blue 
Roberts, Skilyn Purple & Orange Flowers blue 
Rotert, Lillian Washer Game blue 
Salazar, Isaiah Picture Frame red 
Talley, Lilly Farm Photo blue 
Talley, Lilly Sunshine Cake red 
Talley, Mason Horse Shoe Flower blue 
Taylor, Emma Black Cat Photo blue 
Taylor, Emma Gumball Cake blue 
Taylor, Emma Red, White, Blue Cake blue 
Taylor, Maci Mickey Cake blue 
Turner, Preston Gun Rack red 
Turner, Remington Gun Rack red 
Uptegrove, Lydia Cat Toys blue 
Wepener, Andrew Pumpkin Carving blue 
Wepener, Etienne Acorn Ceramic blue 
Wepener, Harrison Spoon Rest blue reserve
Williams, Hannah Pastel Rag Quilt blue 
Williams, Hannah Set-Quilted Pot Holders blue 
Williams, Hannah Summer Tote Bag blue 
Williams, Hannah Cedar Bird Feeder red 
Williams, Hannah Wood Duck Nest Box white

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